In the Service of Death

A Dirty Job

Act 1, in which the PC's receive an assignment

Morr, God of Death and Dreams, is disturbed. His clerics are being murdered in Heimdaal. This is concerning for a couple of reasons.

Closest to Morr’s interests is the loss of power that comes from the loss of his priests. His power has been weakened substantially in the region of Heimdaal as only twelve clerics remain. Now that there are fewer clerics, they are overtaxed and more likely to fall prey to the killer or killers. Additionally, it is easy to succumb to natural causes as a result of the overwork.

The second reason is one that is of significant threat to the populace of the Heimdaal region. Clerics of Morr are responsible for ensuring that the dead are given proper consecration. If a body is not properly consecrated, the soul is likely to be poached by necromancers or other forces of Chaos. It is unknown how many deaths have gone unconsecrated in the region.

Morr has assembled the PC’s and charged them to find the cause of the deaths. Each PC is a spiritual entity who will inhabit a host body in the mortal plane. Due to the rather inconsistent nature of interplanar travel, the PC end up in random hosts located within a 500 meter square area. Each entity will be able to locate the others by sense. Once the host is inhabited, the PC will have access to the host’s skills, but not necessarily all their memories. A PC can search the hosts memories with meditation, but it is akin to searching a library without knowing the organization. PC’s will have to deal with the assignment from Morr as well as their mortal host’s entanglements, relationships, allergies, etc.

A PC’s spiritual entity will have a distict personality and backstory that may or may not be compatible with the host. The spirit retains memory from their past life, but their skills do not influence the host. For example, the spirit of a warrior could inhabit an academic, but it would not make that host more adept at weapons. However, the warrior’s personality may make that acedemic more aggressive than they are wont to be.



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