Car-ane Heartwood

Guardian of the lesser races

Name Race: Wood Elf Age:131
Height: 5’10” Exp: Magic Points: 0 Fate Points: 1
Class: Ranger Career: Bounty Hunter
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 34 37 4 5 5 67 1 40 40 47 51 45 38
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
0 10 10 1 0 +2 10 0 +10 0 +10 10 +10 0
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int CL WP Fel
5 34 47 4 5 5 67 1 40 40 47 51 45 38


  • Excellent Vision
  • Night Vision
  • Musician (Stringed)
  • Drive Cart
  • Very Resilient
  • Follow Trail
  • Shadowing
  • Read/Write
  • Silent Move Rural
  • Silent Move Urban
  • Specialist Weapon-Lasso
  • Specialist Weapon-Net
  • Strike Might Blow


  • Good, weather-worn clothing
  • Tatty Hat
  • Hooded cloak
  • Thick Leather boots
  • Leather bag w/ 2 blankets
  • Cutlery
  • Tinderbox
  • Small cooking pot
  • Flask of water
  • Sword
  • Small knife
  • Bow
  • 24 arrows
  • Mail Shirt
  • Rope
  • Net
  • 2 pairs of manacles


GP: 9

Head 0
Body 1
L.Arm 0
R.Arm 0
L.Leg 0
R.Leg 0
Shield 0

Unlike most of his brethern, Car-ane had always enjoyed the company of the the “lesser” races. He found their little rituals and idiosyncrasies charming and, yes even endearing. As a young elf, he would take any excuse he could find to journey out from his home in the Drak Wald Forest so the he might mingle with with humans, elves, and halflings that lived near his people. It wasn’t long before he began to notice the attitudes that the lessers directed towards him. The snide comments and jeers were impossible to ignore. It was almost enough to cancel the pleasure he found in studying the lessers. And then he realized. The others were jealous. How could they not see Car-ane was from a superior race? And with their inability to control their base emotions, they had no choice but to act out in jealousy and anger. It was then that Car-ane decided on his life goal; to educate and instruct the lessers so that they might grow and mature as a species. After all, shouldn’t that be the duty of every elf? To guide and protect the lessers so that they could, over time, achieve the grandeur that was the elven society. It was even possible that was why the gods had placed the elves here. But how to integrate himself into their societies? He began by chasing down and capturing the thieves and villains that the local law enforcement would post. After all, who wouldn’t trust a person who was removing dangerous individuals from the area? Unfortunately, he refused to take payment, merely telling the towns that it was his pleasure. Contrary to all logic, this made the people distrust him even more. He very much doubted he would ever understand these peoples. So, he moved on, journeying around the empire looking for wanted posters, and the people they represented, wisely taking payment when it was offered.

Car-ane Heartwood

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