In the Service of Death

My helmet is NOT a pincushion!
The new party recieves their mission.

The morning opened with the sudden disappearance of Breganu and Basil. Some bloodied sheets and a wardrobe missing a woman’s outfit were all that were left to mark their passing. Strange indeed…

Seremela’s and Janeton’s worries about Magritte were allayed by the scent of flaky pastries the young and trusting assistant brought to the shop. If Magritte was aware of how close she was to death just one day ago, it does not show as she gives the food over to her kind boss (if only she knew dear readers).

As the two women break their fast and make plans about going to the temple of Morr, new players are afoot in the game across town. A soldier, Josef Heinkel , wakes to the gloating face and grating voice of Lt. Krieg. His back sore and raw, Josef stands to receive an expected browbeating, an excellent morning tonic in the Emperor’s army. An unexpected summons from the High Priestess of the temple of Morr promises to alleviate his boredom and perhaps help regain his stripes. Dressed in his parade uniform, worn boots blackened, holes mended, and silver polished, Josef strapped on his well used sword and marched to the temple.

Dwarves are not known for their willingness to pull a punch. Logan ‘Nine Toes’ is no exception. While perhaps a boon on the battlefield, as a protagonist for hire, this tendency quickly escalates a situation from “teaching the subject a lesson” to scraping said subject’s brain matter from your hands. It is an admittedly fine line from a dwarven perspective, but a final one. A certain dwarf (ahem!) may say that the lesson was taught with great alacrity and will not likely be forgotten. It is not this writer’s desire to quibble over such interpretations.

Car-ane Heartwood, a wood elf was hired to bring in Logan, although not for the reasons he would have thought. Both of them were prominent subject in dreams that Morr’s High Priestess received from her god. It was quite strange, she thought, that Morr’s divine request should be for two demi-humans. Car-ane caught up with Logan at a bar he frequented and proceeded to capture him. Logan was not pleased to be a) caught by a bounty hunter b) in a net and most importantly c) by an elf.

By an incredible, some might say divine, coincidence; all parties arrived at the temple at the same time. The temple staff was showing signs of the strain that comes from being overworked and understaffed. Bodies waited in antechambers for consecration while priests and initiates alike were working with the dead and the grieving. Ravens were seen coming and going, messengers of the departed souls. The travel guides don’t illustrate the unfortunate side effect of birds having the run of a building.

Erica, the high priestess greeted the party and communicated the needs of Morr to the prospective contractors. After a little friction during payment negotiations, the party agreed to find and stop whoever was responsible for killing the priests. All members received spare bits of armour from the temple storeroom to help in the completion of the mission. After some investigation of the last victim and questioning of the initiate charged with caring for the past victims, the party was on their way.

During a meeting back at the pharmacy-cum-headquarters, Seremela indicated her need to meet with an undisclosed client regarding a business transaction. She does a side business with questionable people, so she was being understandable cagey. Car-ane, being overcautious, insisted on following her to the meeting (like he has been victim of being followed before. Such a suspicious person). Josef decided to pursue contacts of his own and headed to the red light district and the tender ministrations of Miko. One does wonder what can be learned between the sheets. Logan and Janeton visited the Mermaid’s Tail, the site of the latest priest killing. The dead priest was reported to have been in the company of a blonde, an Estalian, another priest and a ship’s captain. That captain already shipped upriver to Altdorf and wouldn’t been seen for another three days. Their pocket’s slightly lighter; Car’s more so, they left to their improvised HQ.

Seremela told they party that her contact may have information regarding the killings, but they would need something from the party; a goods for information exchange. A rather commonplace request of such a mighty party one would think. They only had to travel to a darker part of the forest near the foot of the mountains and gather a particular mushroom. The party agreed to do this as it appeared to be their strongest lead.

After waiting a day to avoid traveling the entire way in the dark, the expedition got underway. After an uneventful trip into the forest through thickening trees on a small trail, Seremela indicated a place to find the mushrooms. As dusk deepened into night, the mushrooms became ready to harvest. As the touchy harvest got underway, noises were heard moving down the game trail towards the party. First, the soft crunch of pine needles then muffled groaning. The smell was not needed to tell the party that a shamble of undead was moving their way.

Car-ane clambered up a tree in front of the party and was able to see the zombies move into view. He was briefly shocked into inaction by the sight of rotted corpses moving about on their own. Josef calmly readied his bow and nocked an arrow, aiming at the zombie stepping into the light cast by Jeneton. The first volley was ineffective and the zombies shuffled forward. Car-ane came around in time to launch an arrow into the approaching zombies, skewering the dried thigh of former peasant. Josef went to grab an arrow from his quiver and spilled its feathered contents on the ground. He cast aside the bow and drew his sword, ready for the zombie attack. As the first wave of undead was met by Josef’s sword and Logan’s brutal charge, the clattering of skeletons was heard. A human’s voice was heard muttering in the dark. Car-ane took shots at the skeletons as they took turns shooting into the trees and, occasionally, landing one into his helmeted head. He would feel increasingly woozy as the battle raged below. Janeton’s magic darts flew unerringly into the undead ranks until she fainted with the exertions of taming the winds of magic. Car-ane was able to wound the necromancer before the mage fled into the night. The party’s wounds and the unfamiliar territory discouraged any pursuit.

Bloodied but unbowed, the warriors clambered onto the waiting cart. Seremela, reins in one hand and a sack of fungus beside her, lounged on the driver’s seat. It was suggested that the party load the pieces and parts onto the cart for proper consecration by the temple priests (such a novel concept, being that they are working for the temple).

Is that the last we will see of the mage? Where did he come from? What information will Seremela get from her contact? Was it worth the mushroom gathering? How friendly is Josef with Miko? Will Car-ane ever trust anybody?

Zombies are scary!
Problems with the Watch, drugging of a young girl, and loss of bladder control

The PC’s received their task from Morr, the God of Death, to stop the killing of his priests in Heimdaal. They were shifted from the spirit plane to the mortal one. Unfortunately, moving through the aethyric chaos is rather chancy and the body choice was terribly random. There was a fair amount of entertaining confusion as they players tried to figure out who they were.

One player dropped into the body of Seremela, a high elf pharmacist, who was in the middle of a transaction. She finished with a little trouble and tried to make sense of who she is now. Seremela’s personality change was marked by her young assistant. As Seremela was getting some fresh air, a note was pressed into her hand by a hooded woman. Just then a crash came from the back room accompanied by a piercing scream…...

The next player became aware in the body of a human female, an wizard’s apprentice by the name of Janeton. She is also gifted with an outrageous Bretonnian accent. A dwarf brewer, Rygar, was talking to her about a mine strike while finishing a transaction for a couple barrels of beer. Her master’s thirst required much to quench. She was quite confused about the situation and, even more strange to the dwarf, about where her master’s dwelling was. Rygar took pity on the addle-brained human, after all, that is what happens when people mess about with magic. He agreed to escort her to Zoroaster’s house. She left the brewer and went towards the her fellow travelers…...

A player dropped into the body of a halfling woodsman with an axe nearly as tall as he strapped to his back. He was the least confused as he was not in any interactions at the time. However, his attention was caught by a wood elf carrying a battered suitcase trying to evade a couple members of the Watch. Useless trinkets and chains trailing behind him, the elf passed rapidly by Basil and dashed down a nearby alleyway. Basil watched four guards sprint after the elf and liesurely followed the trail. He sensed a kindred spirit in the elf…..most unfortunate.

The last player found himself in the body of a wood elf who was in possession of a highly mobile market stall with a inventory that was remarkable in its utter lack of value. His business had attracted the unwanted attention of the law and he was obliged to avoid them in a quick fashion. A mad dash down the filthy alleyways of Heimdaal led Breganu right to the door of Seremela’s shoppe. Thus it was that a soiled, limping wood elf, carrying a battered case of useless trinkets, fake relics and foul smelling elixirs, brought an awful stench into the shop. A young girl screamed…..

The players meet in their borrowed bodies. Convenient, no?

It was rather to difficult to explain to Seremela’s assistant why a wood elf, wanted by the Watch, was standing in the storeroom. The girl was rather distraught by the excitement of the day and Seremela sent her upstairs while assuring her that he would be turned in shortly. Owing to her trust in Seremela, Magritte relented and went upstairs. The group had conflicting ideas of how to ensure the silence of Magritte, and murder was bandied about with alarming ease. A compromise was reached and the young Magritte was merely drugged by her boss. Such a trusting lass…..

The group decides to stay together and go with Janeton to her master’s house and see what information he may supply. This also serves to get Breganu the Wanted out of town, in the disguise of a woman. Using the suitcase and boots of Breganu, Basil creates a false trail out the eastern gate. He then meets up with the rest of the group for the rendezvous with Rygar. A broadsheet is picked up. A clue perhaps?

Rygar is not impressed with Janeton’s choice of traveling companions. He knows of the elf Seremela. She is an alleged deal in the more recreational substances, and alleged is as good as guilty where a elf is concerned. Still, an agreement is an agreement and he is headed up to the mountains to deliver beer to the strikers anyways.

Indicision strikes the party after separating from Rygar. Should we continue on to Zoroasters? Will he be looking for me if I don’t show tonight, says Janeton? Should all of us go into the house? Why didn’t we go to the temple? Should we turn around now? The elf is still in woman’s clothes. The GM finds this humourous as he eats his large fajita burrito.

They decide to continue on as it is dark and they are almost to the destination. Zoroaster was not pleased with the intrusion of strangers to his abode. He only wanted his new robe and his beer, not entertaining alleged friends of his apprentice. The situation is explained and, after a beer, Zoroaster is more open-minded. He agrees to let the party stay and provides what information he can. He does recommend a trip to the temple tout de suite.

Leaving before daybreak to make it to the shoppe before the trusting Magritte woke from her drugged sleep.


Rather, shuffle, shuffle….uuuuhhhh…then some clumsy swings. The horse, petrified with fear stands stock still as the shambling group converged on the party. Janeton smells the rotting flesh and stares straight ahead, willing them to not be there and wetting her robes…most uncomfortable that. The rest of the party hacked away at the frightening corpses downing four of them before the halfling, clutching his side, stabbed the horse in the hindquarters. That provided the horse with a threat greater than the undead and bolted into the rising sun and straight to town.

Seremela tended to the wounded party members at her shoppe and found that Magritte was not there.

Worry ensues. Plans are made for the night. Will the temple be visited? Who gave the note to Seremela? Has the halfling learned a thing or two about the undead? Will Jeneton get dry clothes? Does Breganu actually like dressing as a woman? Will the dwarves reach a settlement? Stay tuned dear readers.

A Dirty Job
Act 1, in which the PC's receive an assignment

Morr, God of Death and Dreams, is disturbed. His clerics are being murdered in Heimdaal. This is concerning for a couple of reasons.

Closest to Morr’s interests is the loss of power that comes from the loss of his priests. His power has been weakened substantially in the region of Heimdaal as only twelve clerics remain. Now that there are fewer clerics, they are overtaxed and more likely to fall prey to the killer or killers. Additionally, it is easy to succumb to natural causes as a result of the overwork.

The second reason is one that is of significant threat to the populace of the Heimdaal region. Clerics of Morr are responsible for ensuring that the dead are given proper consecration. If a body is not properly consecrated, the soul is likely to be poached by necromancers or other forces of Chaos. It is unknown how many deaths have gone unconsecrated in the region.

Morr has assembled the PC’s and charged them to find the cause of the deaths. Each PC is a spiritual entity who will inhabit a host body in the mortal plane. Due to the rather inconsistent nature of interplanar travel, the PC end up in random hosts located within a 500 meter square area. Each entity will be able to locate the others by sense. Once the host is inhabited, the PC will have access to the host’s skills, but not necessarily all their memories. A PC can search the hosts memories with meditation, but it is akin to searching a library without knowing the organization. PC’s will have to deal with the assignment from Morr as well as their mortal host’s entanglements, relationships, allergies, etc.

A PC’s spiritual entity will have a distict personality and backstory that may or may not be compatible with the host. The spirit retains memory from their past life, but their skills do not influence the host. For example, the spirit of a warrior could inhabit an academic, but it would not make that host more adept at weapons. However, the warrior’s personality may make that acedemic more aggressive than they are wont to be.

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